West Palm Beach Adoption: Unplanned Pregnancy in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Adoption: Unplanned Pregnancy in West Palm Beach

Are you experiencing unwanted pregnancy and feeling confused about what to do next? Glass Law Office adoption services near West Palm Beach has one of the best adoption attorneys in Lisa Glass Paige to help you explore the options and potentially place your unborn child up for adoption with a caring and loving family that is able and willing to care for and love your child.

Choose Glass Law Office Adoption Services When Dealing With Your West Palm Beach Unplanned Pregnancy and Private Adoption

We are in the business of helping birth mothers who for one reason or another decide that they may want to place their baby up for adoption in West Palm Beach. This could be for any number of reasons, but it is usually because the birth parents are not in a position to be able to properly care for a child. We understand what you may be going through during this process and want you to know that our number one goal is to find the best fit for your child in terms of a loving and caring home. We also do and provide everything we can to get you and your loved ones through this while finding a great home for your unborn baby.

Birth Parent Stories

Some of the many women and men we have helped throughout the years have agreed to share their stories with you. We hope their adoption stories will help you decide whether adoption is right for you.

  • options for unwanted pregnancy
    • Michelle & Danilo's Adoption Story

    "I just want him to be happy and healthy. And he is with his adoptive family. ... They worked so hard to have a baby, and I was able to provide that. And that's what keeps me going."

  • options for unwanted pregnancy
    • Meagan's Adoption Story

    "The greatest gift that I have ever been able to give...was the day I chose adoption."

  • options for unwanted pregnancy
    • Cory's Adoption Story

    "I wanted to give the best life to my child that I could possibly give her...."

Get All of The Help and Support You May Need During and After the Pregnancy

Moving forward with a legal adoption in West Palm Beach may seem overwhelming, and it can take its toll on you mentally and emotionally. While working with a professional Florida adoption attorney such as Lisa Paige Glass, Esq. helps make the process a lot easier, it can also be beneficial to get some type of professional counseling or attend support groups. These services will be provided to you free of charge if you work with Glass Law Office Adoption Services near West Palm.

Receive Financial Support and Get Your Medical Expenses Covered During Your West Palm Beach Legal Adoption

Along with the tremendous emotional toll that a legal adoption in West Palm Beach can take, medical expenses can also create a financial burden that the birth mother or birth parents are not in a position to handle. Through working with and representing potential adoptive families in West Palm, we are able to cover all of your medical expenses as well as provide additional financial support to you during and after the pregnancy. This is in order to help you get through the pregnancy and also to get back on your feet afterwards.

Private and Confidential Legal Adoption in West Palm Beach

All of our adoption services in West Palm are 100% private and confidential for birth mothers who need to place their baby up for adoption. We understand that this is a very difficult and sensitive time for you. From the time of the initial adoption consultation all the way through the meeting of the family and the completion of the adoption, the adoption process and all of your information is 100% private and confidential.

Make Sure That Your Child Gets Adopted By a Caring and Loving Family

One of the most important things to any mother that is considering placing her child up for adoption is that the baby goes to a loving and caring home. Glass Law Office Adoption Services near West Palm Beach thoroughly and professionally screens every potential adoptive family to make sure that they are fit to properly raise and care for a child. You also have the option to meet the family if you would like, and to receive updates and pictures of your baby as they grow so you can see how they are doing. This is totally up to you, and we will work with you and the adoptive family to make sure that we do what is best for everyone.

Choose Lisa Paige Glass, Esq., a Leading Florida Adoption Attorney Near West Palm Beach

Lisa makes it her mission to work with adoptive families and birth mothers to achieve the best results for all parties involved. At the end of the day, her main goal is to ensure that the child is going to a good home with parents that will love, care and provide for him or her.

We are empathetic and understanding of everything that a birth mother must go through in order to complete a private West Palm Beach adoption, and will be there for you every step of the way. If there is anything you need, or you have any questions in regards to dealing with an unplanned West Palm Beach pregnancy, don’t hesitate to contact us 24/7.┬áIf you live in other areas of Florida and are in need of assistance with adoption or unplanned pregnancies, we also service Boca Raton, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and all other cities in Florida!

Contact Us 24/7

Call or text us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to speak directly with our experienced and caring Florida adoption professionals. We are always available to answer your questions. We will visit you face-to-face at the location where you feel most comfortable. We work with pregnant women throughout the entire state of Florida. No pressure, no cost, no obligation.

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