Tampa Adoption: Unplanned Pregnancy in Tampa, FL

Tampa Adoption: Unplanned Pregnancy in Tampa, FL

When you discover that you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Tampa, there’s no telling what your initial reaction may be. Whether you feel scared, confused, overwhelmed or guilty, Glass Law Office Adoption Services wants to be there with you to help you explore the different options. We empathize with the difficulties you are experiencing, which is why we offer all of our services, including private Tampa adoption, to you free of charge.

Choose Us For Your Tampa Legal Adoption and Unplanned Pregnancy Services

Glass Law Office Adoption Services makes it our mission to work with mothers who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and help guide them through the legal adoption process. We make sure that you as birth parents are taken care of every step of the way, that you have everything that you need, and most importantly that your unborn baby is placed with a great family where it can grow up in a caring and loving environment.

Birth Parent Stories

Some of the many women and men we have helped throughout the years have agreed to share their stories with you. We hope their adoption stories will help you decide whether adoption is right for you.

  • options for unwanted pregnancy
    • Michelle & Danilo's Adoption Story

    "I just want him to be happy and healthy. And he is with his adoptive family. ... They worked so hard to have a baby, and I was able to provide that. And that's what keeps me going."

  • options for unwanted pregnancy
    • Meagan's Adoption Story

    "The greatest gift that I have ever been able to give...was the day I chose adoption."

  • options for unwanted pregnancy
    • Cory's Adoption Story

    "I wanted to give the best life to my child that I could possibly give her...."

Receive Financial Support and Have all of Your Medical Expenses Covered

The mounting costs of pregnancy in Tampa can be insurmountable for many birth parents that are not able to care and provide for the baby. Our goal is for you to be comfortable during this process and for the baby to be healthy so that it can be placed with a loving family. We work with the potential adoptive families to make sure that any and all of your pregnancy related medical expenses are covered, and also that you receive additional financial support during and after the pregnancy/adoption so that you can get back on your feet.

Rest Easy Knowing That Your Baby Will Be Adopted By a Loving Family That is Able and Willing to Raise The Child

The most important thing to us here at Glass Law Office Adoption Services is that the child is placed in the best possible home for him to grow and have a happy childhood. In order to do this, we work with both the birth parents and the potential adoptive family to make sure that we have a good match. Placing an unborn baby up for adoption is a very difficult process, but knowing that your child is going to a great family where it will be loved and cared for does make this process a little easier. Any and all potential adoptive families that we work with are professionally screened to make sure that they are in a position to provide for the child, financially, mentally and emotionally.

Receive Emotional and Mental Support Services at No Cost

Nobody really understands how difficult of a process it can be to place a baby up for adoption until they have gone through the experience themselves. Having worked with many birth parents who have gone through this process, we know that additional professional counseling and support groups can be very helpful. Getting assistance from those who have been through the process themselves or from those who work in the field can be beneficial. Sometimes just knowing that the baby is going to a good family isn’t enough, so getting the help of a professional can make the process much easier for you.

Lisa Paige Glass, Esq., Tampa Adoption Attorney

Lisa Paige Glass, Esq. has built a tremendous reputation as a professional Tampa adoption attorney, matching birth parents up with adoptive families in a way that works out best for all parties. Our ultimate goal at the end of all of this is to make sure that the child ends up in a good home where he or she has the best chances to thrive and have a good childhood.

If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Tampa and would like to explore the legal adoption process with one of the best Florida adoption attorneys out there, get in touch with Glass Law Office Adoption Services for a free and private consultation today!

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